Director of Technical Services

The Superior Housing Authority (SHA) is in search of a Director of Technical Services. This position is responsible for the maintenance department. This includes all SHA properties, equipment and a maintenance staff. This position is ultimately responsible for all modernization and maintenance of buildings.

The public housing portfolio includes approximately 466 units of public housing, and property management services for ten privately owned buildings that serve seniors, individuals and families.

Ability to work with HUD, architects, engineers and contractors to best serve the SHA housing portfolio
is required.

A Bachelor’s degree and five or more years’ experience in construction management, housing inspections, or property maintenance preferred.

Salary range is $55,000 to $65,000 annually; plus benefits. Salary will be based on education and experience.

The position is open until April 15, 2018.

Submit cover letter and resume to: Louise Seeba, Interim Executive Director, Superior Housing Authority

Duties of Director of Technical Services

This position is under the direction of the Executive Director. The position is responsible for the maintenance department including buildings equipment and staff as well as modernization.

Duties and Responsibilities

Plan short and long term modernization and maintenance activities including preventative maintenance for all SHA owned and managed properties, vehicles and equipment.

Responsible for planning and managing the capital improvement program including modernization and other construction activities.

Identify the physical condition of properties, analyze problems, develop solutions and develop improvement deadlines.

Schedule and coordinate improvement and repair activities. Coordinate activities between the owner, HUD, architects, engineers and contractors. Inspect work performed for completeness and timely delivery of contracts and services.

Maintain accurate and timely filing of all applicable documentation and contract records, including but not limited to, labor standards, contractor payrolls, wage rate information, pay
applications and payments.

Prepare documents for bidding following HUD guidelines and rules. Review bids and proposals as submitted by bidders to check for compliance with solicitation

Represent the SHA in meetings with architects, engineers, vendors, contractors, etc. to ensure understanding of what is required for performance. Monitor contract compliance through site visits, reports, meetings and an understanding of rules. Resolve problems encountered, recommend changes.

Prepare documents, reports, budgets, schedules pertaining to daily operations and HUD or Department of Labor programs. Prepare monthly report to the Board of Commissioners.

Assist with the preparation of budgets, monitor and approve expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budgets, procurement requests, etc.

Review procurement related documents for compliance to SHA and HUD procurement policies. Ensure compliance with contracts, funding sources, federal, state, and local law and
regulations. Responsible for inventory, disposition, purchasing and procurement as it relates to maintenance.

Conduct Quality Control inspections for Section 8 Housing and prepare reports to ensure compliance with Housing Quality Standards and building codes. Ensure compliance with
Uniform Physical Conditions Standards of Public Housing units.

Perform daily drive-by or walk-by inspections of grounds and report problems to maintenance department. Record non routine problems for future modernization work.

Supervise, monitor activities and work of all maintenance personnel, housing inspector and any support staff with regard to scheduling, safety and performance. Responsible for issuing keys, vehicles, tools, and equipment.

Assist the private site property manager with building maintenance, improvements, inspections, contracts, procurements, and annual safety inspections.

Undertake and complete other work related duties, assignments as needed.