Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Superior Housing Authority to be the area’s most affordable housing of choice. We provide and maintain safe, quality housing in a cost-effective manner. By partnering with others, we offer rental assistance and other related services to our community.

Agency Overview

The Superior Housing Authority (SHA) is a public agency which helps people who meet income and other eligibility guidelines to secure affordable, safe and quality housing in the city of Superior, WI. The SHA is one of 3,400 public housing authorities operating in the United States. Like other housing authorities, we comply with all federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements in the development and operation of our housing programs.

SHA manages 466 units of public housing from single family dwellings to multi-unit developments located in various neighborhoods in the city of Superior.  We also administer the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. For private owners, we currently handle the property management of five (5) buildings for seniors, individuals and families.

Leadership Team

We are governed by a board of five commissioners, who live in our community and have been appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Superior City Council.

William T. FennesseyBoard Chairman
(5-year term began 5/85)
(5-year term expires 5/25)
Tim WhiteBoard Commissioner
(5-year term began 10/21)
(5-year term expires 10/26)
Jim PaineBoard Commissioner
(5-year term began 6/22)
(5-year term expires 6/27)
Jeff SkrenesBoard Commissioner
(5-year term began 6/19)
(5-year term expires 6/24)
Desiree OtterinoBoard Commissioner
(5-year term began 8/23)
(5-year term expires 8/28)