What are your office hours?
Office hours at the Administration Offices are:
Monday through Friday – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

SHA does observe all Federal holidays.

Where do I pay rent?

To serve our customers better the Superior Housing Authority is installing a drop box that will be located at the administrative offices at 1219 North 8th Street. Effective October 1, 2018, all payments or other correspondence can be deposited in the drop box during and after office hours. Please make sure that the name and address are clear and legible on the check or money order. If you have any questions, please contact the main office at 715-394-6601.

Public Housing residents (only) may also pay at Superior Savings Bank , 1130 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI.

What if I need maintenance after hours?
For emergency maintenance after hours call 715-395-2408.

Do you have emergency housing?
Unfortunately, SHA does not have emergency housing, but there are several agencies in the city of Superior who offer emergency housing.
Salvation Army         715-394-7001
Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency 715-392-5127
Solid Rock Outreach Mission – Men only shelter    715-392-6264
CASDA Shelter – women/children    715-392-3136 or 800-649-2921

How do I apply for housing?
You can apply online or you can stop by our administration office during business hours and pick up an application. Managed Property application can be picked up at the administration office or you can apply online here.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, there is a waiting list for public housing units. The wait time may vary based on the size of the list and the availability of vacant units.
Yes, the Housing Choice Voucher program also has a wait list. Wait times may vary depending on voucher availability.
Managed properties maintain separate waiting lists.

How much will I pay for rent for public housing?
The rent amount is based on 30% of your yearly adjusted gross income. Rent amounts are determined after an application is processed. Currently rent amounts cannot exceed the ceiling rents set for the developments. You may elect to take a flat rent, which is NOT based on income, but on the market rates for apartments.

Can I have a pet in public housing?
One dog OR one cat may be kept in the unit, but not one of each. NO exotic, feral, dangerous, wild, poisonous, farm or breeding animals are allowed. Types of pets allowed are one dog (maximum adults weight – 30 lbs.); one cat (must be declawed – front claws only); small birds; fish (maximum aquarium size – 10 gallons); rabbit; guinea pig; hamster; gerbil or ferret.

Pets may not enter the home without the prior written approval of the SHA. All pets must be registered with the SHA and documentation regarding the pet must be submitted as required (such as proof of spaying/neutering, required vaccinations, etc.)  A Pet Policy can be picked up at the Administration offices during business hours.