1. Your information will be compiled and your income calculated.
  2. SHA will determine your voucher bedroom size based on the following:The Superior Housing Authority will issue a housing choice voucher for a particular bedroom size – the bedroom size is a factor in determining the family’s level of assistance. The following guidelines will determine each family’s unit size without overcrowding or over-housing:
    Number of Bedrooms Number of Persons
    Minimum Maximum
    0 1 1
    1 1 2
    2 2 4
    3 3 6
    4 4 8
    5 5 10
  3. You will be required to attend a briefing appointment. At this appointment, SHA staff will explain the program rules and regulations, issue you a voucher and give you the paperwork the owner needs to complete.
  4. You will then search for a unit on the private market that is within your max amount using the payment standards. This calculation will be explained at the briefing.
  5. Once you find a unit, you and the Owner will complete the paperwork that was given to you at the briefing.
  6. Return the paperwork to SHA and staff will determine if the unit is affordable and whether or not the rent is reasonable.
  7. SHA will then schedule the unit for an inspection.