Both HCV and Public Housing screen for criminal history although the programs have different criteria. The specifics of the background checks, as well as any appeal options, will be discussed at the intake appointment. HUD has five (5) mandatory denials.

  1. Life-time registered Sex Offender
  2. Manufacturing Methamphetamine on federally subsidized property
  3. Owing money to a housing authority
  4. Current drug user (SHA defines this as anyone who has a drug charge within the last year)
  5. Having been evicted for drugs from federally subsidized property in the last 3 years

Public Housing will also screen for Tenant Suitability

  1. SHA will request 2 years of good rental references
  2. If you have insufficient rental references SHA may ask for credit references or run a credit report

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) does not screen for tenant suitability, however we do encourage the private owners that partner with this program to do their own screening, as they would do for any other tenant.